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Hypnotherapist Counsellor Newcastle Review Form

Making a difference in your life is very important to me so feedback and satisfied clients are essential.


In my experience so far, it is rare for therapy not to make some difference.  If, however you feel that you have not experienced any change whatsoever after therapy I would prefer to know so we can try to resolve the problem.

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Making a Difference Therapy - Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Newcastle


Danielle Barker

Before starting therapy I was struggling to leave the house without having a panic attack or going a day without tearing up.


Four months later I have improved friendships and relationships,  made massive changes at my work, had my first boxing fight in front of a massive crowd  and left to travel to Ghana for 2 months to teach. But most importantly I feel happy and confident within myself

something I have struggled with my whole life.

I came to Christine when I was in a really low place and feeling extremely anxious. After trying many counsellors previously I was really looking for someone I felt comfortable with - to get to the bottom of some previous trauma and unresolved issues. Christine offered this and more.


I felt comfortable and supported the minute I had my consultation and embarked on four months of counselling and hypnotherapy. Within that time I not only started to understand and accept my emotions and experiences I also made some big life changes in work, my personal life and with my family. I even looked forward to therapy as it was a true safe space where I could talk about anything and feel supported. One of my biggest achievements is being able to write a poem to my Grandad which I had been struggling to do for 10 years due to my grief.

I couldn't recommend Christine highly enough and no words can express how thankful and appreciative I am!


Tracey K    I would give Christine five starts as a therapist.

Her treatment is personalised and effective and delivered

with compassion. I would highly recommend.



Lynne Banks   Christine has helped me to come to terms with

a difficult health problem. I would highly recommend her.

 Joan Walker  From the first contact to the last Christine has

been so professional, She has made such a huge difference in

my life and I can't thank her enough.

Sarah Bamford  Therapy with Christine has really helped

and couldn't recommend her enough.



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